• Name the work under the sun in property care. We are here to do everything from A to Z.
  • Want to pay electric bill regularly? We will do.
  • Want to maintain the garden? We will do.
  • Want to rent it out to some good tenant? We will get a good tenant for you and regularly collect the rent and send it to you promptly.
  • Is there any legal hurdle about the property and you want to solve it through a lawyer? We will engage a lawyer for you and get the thing done.
  • We will make periodical visit to the site and keep your property under our watchful eye so that no one dares to grab it in your absence.
  • Apart from that, do you want to undertake any repair work or renovation job? We have our team of experts to do everything to your satisfaction.
  • Time is such that the prices of properties are never going to come down. On the contrary, they will keep moving towards the sky. So don’t take chance and regret latter. A small sum for maintenance through us will save your much valuable property and keep you happy forever.
No. 10/20,
Hyder Garden Ist Street,
Chennai - 600 012.